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Final Construction

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Photo 52 I painted the inner dome with Testers Candy Apple Red
** Testers Spray Enamel TES-1605 Transparent Candy Apple Red

I then stuffed aluminum foil into the inner dome to give it a chrome look, however the crinkled foil also gives it an illusion of movement. Cool huh? Photo 53

Photo 54 Both domes are mounted on the engines. The pictures don't do these justice. These things look amazing!
** Testers Model Master ˝oz Bottle FS-36622 Camouflage Gray
** Testers Model Master ˝oz Bottle FS-36375 Light Ghost Gray
** Testers Model Master ˝oz Bottle FS-36118 Gunship Gray
** Testers Custom Azure Blue
** Testers Ľoz Bottle Paint TES-1180 Flat Steel

Both engines are done; however I do have a huge problem. The problem is the top seem on the right engine has cracked and it's about an inch long. I don't know how it happened or how to even fix it, since the engine is completed. If this had happened before I finished, I'd have simply puttied, sanded and repainted but I don't know what to do now. I'll post an inquiry in a couple modeling forums. Photo 55

Photo 56 To make it look a little more real, I'm adding the decking lines to the top tide of the saucer.

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