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Photo 47 Seven days later, lol, it's finally sunny and dry outside; It's been raining for a week. I just finished priming all of the parts.
** Testers Model Master TES-2937 Gray Primer

Now for the hard part. I have to wait another 5 to 7 days for the primer to cure; for final wet sanding. ARRRGGG!! Photo 48

Photo 49 It's been raining for 3 weeks straight! But finally is sunny and 80 degrees outside. YAY! Time to paint my model. I used Testers Model Master Camouflage Gray for the base color.
** Testers Model Master FS-36622 Camouflage Gray

ARRRRGGGG!!! Always make sure the cap to your paint bottles are on tight, when you shake them. I was shaking a flat black bottle and a tiny drip of paint flew out and (of course) landed on the arch. I wiped it off and will repaint the "whole" thing tomorrow. Photo 50

Photo 51 I couldn't find the color blue I wanted to use, so I mixed my own color. It's a shade of Azure Blue and it fits perfectly.
** Testers Ľoz Bottle Paint TES-1111 Dark Blue
** Testers Ľoz Bottle Paint TES 1145 White

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